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When we buy a brand new product, we expect it to have gone through multiple quality checks and it pass as a standard quality product which is absolutely safe to consume or use. While this is true in most cases, unsafe products do manage to reach consumers. It is not uncommon to hear of cases where dangerous or defective products have caused injuries to consumers. Companies have been compelled to recall the products and even pay damages. Dangerous products also include food products sold to you that are unsafe to consume.

To not only be unable to enjoy a brand new product but also suffer an injury due to no fault of yours can be a highly frustrating experience. Consumers are protected from the faulty products under Product Liability Law which refers to a manufacturer or seller being able held liable for placing a defective product in the hands of a consumer. All sellers of the product across the distribution channel are responsible for a product defect that causes injury. Product liability law requires that a product meet the regular expectations of the consumer. When a product has an unusual defect or danger, it no longer meets the normal expectations of the consumer. Predominantly, there are three types of defects causing injury – design, manufacturing and marketing defects.

To be successfully awarded an accident compensation claim, several factors need to be considered. The sale of product needs to be made in ordinary course of business, whereas someone selling a product at a garage sale is less likely to be held liable. Sellers of products that are inherently unsafe such as knives may also not be held liable. In cases where a consumer substantially modified the product and the injury was caused due to the modification or the consumer misused the product despite clear instructions, the seller cannot be held liable.

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If you’ve been in a victim of injury due to a faulty product, you may be eligible to file for a product compensation claim. To successfully make a faulty product claim, it is essential to prove that someone else was responsible for your injury. To strengthen your product liability case, garner as much evidence as possible. Take names and addresses of witnesses to the injury and if suitable retain and take pictures of the faulty product. Also, it is best to retain the original purchase receipt or at least a copy. If you are planning to claim additional expenses incurred due to the injury such as medical or travel costs, do remember to keep the receipts. It is ideal to report the faulty product to the concerned person as soon as you can.

Product liability cases are perhaps the most complicated of all personal injury cases. Specialized support and guidance from our team of product liability lawyers are crucial in advising whether your case has a valid claim and how to go about filing. Your product liability attorney would assist you completely in understanding the facts of your product liability case through constant discussion and deliberation and assist in building a strong product liability case to establish the negligence of the seller.

At Gilleon Law Firm, we understand the exasperation you go through as a result of a seller’s inefficient processes and we are dedicated to guiding you through the product liability compensation process. Our team of product liability lawyers are highly skilled in foreseeing all angles of defense, and we are prepared to combat them to deliver you just compensation for your injuries.

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It is evident that a product liability case has multiple intricate details to be worked out to ensure that favorable grounds are established. Hence, it is of utmost importance to appoint a product liability attorney who has extensive experience in product liability law. Gilleon Law Firm is prominent in personal injury law including product liability law ensuring you are in safe hands and will receive just compensation for your injuries.

At Gilleon Law Firm, our team of San-Diego based product liability attorneys have broad experience pursuing claims for victims of product liability. Our team is highly qualified and competent to understand your product liability case and counsel whether your claim is valid or not; and if valid, we guide you through the necessary actions to make sure you are awarded your just compensation while protecting your interests.

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